Amaretto Drink Recipe

Prep Time Cook Time Serves
5m 1

While you could make a number of fun cocktails with amaretto, you can also enjoy it simply poured over ice. This is quite a common after dinner drink in Italy. In fact, I find that Europeans still enjoy their after dinner drinks, or digestifs, much more than North Americans. Limoncello, grappa, cognac and eau de vie are some other common drinks served after a meal.

Probably the most widely available amaretto drink is by Disaronno. It has the typical almond flavour of an amaretto although there are no almonds used in the production of the alcohol. Instead they use apricots. Formally, the company does not use the name amaretto in its marketing but this is effectively how the liquor is categorized.

Another excellent brand is Lazzaroni Amaretto. Apparently real amaretti biscuits (almond macaroons) are used in the production, resulting in quite a sweet tasting alcohol. As a result, it is much better to serve this quite cold and over ice to avoid an overly sweet and cloying flavor. This is also a nice alcohol to serve with vanilla ice cream or use in sweet dishes such as tiramisu. Next time you host a dinner party, don’t forget the digestifs. It is something different and I think it is fun to switch it up every now and then. You don’t want your dinner parties becoming predictable!


  • 3 ounces amaretto
  • Ice, for serving


Fill a short tumbler with ice and pour the amaretto over. Stir to chill and serve.