Pear and blue cheese oat cakes recipe

Prep Time Cook Time Serves
5m undefined

Pears and blue cheese work really well together. This simple yet beautiful nibble is great for a casual night with your husband or friend and also works well for large groups. A great option when pears are at their best.


  • pear, preferably a sweet red-skinned variety like a Red William
  • creamy blue cheese, such as st. agur or roquefort
  • oat cakes (can substitute table water crackers)
  • honey
  • fresh thyme leaves


There isn’t much to the method in this recipe. Simply slice the pear into 1/4 inch pieces that fit the oat cake or cracker you are using. Top with an equal slice of blue cheese. Drizzle with some honey and sprinkle with some fresh thyme leaves. Done!

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