Shirley Temple Black

Prep Time Cook Time Serves
5m 1 cocktail

My friend named this cocktail the Shirley Temple Black once we added vodka to it. I think it was a reference from Gilmore Girls? Perhaps you know it. Anyway, this cocktail will certainly take you back to your childhood. I am not sure if one ever outgrows grenadine syrup…


  • 1 1/2 ounces grenadine syrup
  • 2 ounces vodka
  • lemon-lime soda to top
  • cherries for garnish (optional)


In a tumbler or low ball glass, add a couple cubes of ice. Pour in the grenadine and vodka. Top it off with the soda and give it a quick stir. Garnish with some cherries if desired.

Watch below to see me make this cocktail, plus a mocktail version for kids!