Oysters with Pomegranate and Dill Recipe

Prep Time Cook Time Serves
20m 4 as a starter

In our household, oysters are reserved for special occasions. They probably shouldn’t be given that we have such great local oysters in our area of France. I guess old habits die hard and for us, oysters scream “special occasion” (basically birthdays, Christmas or New Years’). Really fresh oysters don’t need much but in this recipe I have paired them with some equally fresh pomegranate, lemon and dill. I love the flavor combination. Hope you do too!


  • 16 fresh raw oysters
  • 1 pomegranate
  • 1 lemon
  • 4 sprigs fresh dill


Rinse your oysters in cold water and discard any open or damaged ones. Using a heavy duty tea towel, hold the oyster firmly in one hand with the flat shell side facing up. Using your other hand, insert an oyster shucking knife into the hinge at the end of the oyster, easing it in where you can. Make sure your hand holding the oyster is well protected by the towel. Once you feel the knife is firmly anchored in the hinge of the shells, twist the knife to pop open the oyster.

Clean your knife and then slide it along the top shell to release the muscle from the shell. Remove the top shell and discard. Lastly, run the knife under the oyster so that it is resting in the bottom shell, but no longer connected to it. (This ensures that it will easily slide into your mouth when eaten). Any oysters that have an unpleasant odor should be discarded. Place your oysters on a large platter filled with crushed iced.

Top each oyster with some seeds from your pomegranate, a squeeze of lemon and a small piece of dill. Enjoy immediately!


Serving these as an appetizer, I have estimated four oysters per person. However, feel free to increase or decrease the amount depending on how many you are feeding.

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